Futurecare now open the Harbourfront Centre

Futureward is proud to announce the opening of Futurecare, a part of the Harbourfront Centre’s Architecture Winter Exhibition. This exhibition is focused on the theme of the future relationship between healthcare and built spaces, and it runs from January 25th to early June.

Though the Futureward project is focused on clinical design and best design practices, it is situated in a larger world of changing healthcare delivery models and patient expectations. This exhibition was taken as an opportunity to explore and explain this larger world. It demonstrates how personal devices are allowing the process of healthcare to escape the concentrated points of the hospital and shows off a vision of new healthcare models that inhabit everyday spaces.

Futurecare is one part of three exhibits being shown at the Centre’s architecture space- it is featured alongside Bridgepoint Active Healthcare: The Reinvention of a Hospital by Diamond & Schmitt/KPMB and An Age Old Story by Ian Chodikoff.

Please watch this space for photo’s of tonight’s opening.