Project Media

The Futureward Room

These images showcase the proposed Futureward critical care patient room and highlight the benefits of the technology-infused eICU healthcare model.

  • The Futureward critical care room.

    The Futureward critical care room.

    The main room

  • Safer Care

    Safer Care

    Patient vitals and other data may be concentrated single space, rather than spread across discrete machines.

  • Better Outcomes

    Better Outcomes

    Rooms with links to nature shorten healing times, and a large display may complement an true view to the outdoors.

  • Psychological Support

    Psychological Support

    Cases of intensive care delirium may be combated by changing room lighting according to time of day.

  • More Family Support

    More Family Support

    Scaling up displays can turn a video call into a proper visitation, with spatial qualities and an intimate feel.

  • Simpler Systems

    Simpler Systems

    Networking allows for lifesystems interfaces to be consolidated and accessed read by authorized personnel anywhere.

Futureward Presentation at the CICC GIM Symposium 2011

This presentation delves into the theoretical underpinnings that kickstarted the project. The ideas discussed in presentation have since been distilled into the Futureward as it exists today.

The presentation is split into two videos; parts 1 and 2, which discusses the role hospitals play in facilitating the spatial and informational needs of healthcare work, and part 3, which explores the design in detail.

Futureward Presentation (Parts 1 & 2) – CICC GIM Symposium 2011 from CICC Futureward on Vimeo.

Futureward Presentation (Part 3) – CICC GIM Symposium 2011 from CICC Futureward on Vimeo.